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The Cana Story Re-Told

Wine and Weddings: The Cana Story Re-told
By Larry Adams, Bowen Island, BC (more…)

Our Beginnings

Some background to the Doug Reichel Wine Marketing Inc. Growing up in a typical prairie village was a privilege. (more…)

Easter Wine

Easter & Wine

This weekend much of the world declares holidays around Easter. In the Christian calendar there is simply no higher, resplendent day of the year than Easter Sunday. (more…)

Barbecues and the Right Wines

If you want to maximize the barbecuing experience, try using charcoal and/or burning down larger pieces of wood to form the embers.  (more…)

Wine, Turkey and Gratitude

I confess that autumn is my favourite season. And autumn holds one of my favourite celebrations – Thanksgiving.  (more…)


Think Portugal when Thinking Wine

I have no Portuguese blood that I know of but I’ve been thinking a lot about Portuguese wines the past two years.  (more…)